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Building Beautiful Homes

A home is where everybody knows your name and they are always glad you came. That is an old adage made popular like English serials like Cheers. Now that you have a home how will you furnish all the rooms in it? Room furnishings speak your mind. It captures the imagery in your mind and gives reality to the artistic impression of each room that you carry. Furnishings have a language of their own. Each and every furnishing that you use in your home and in each room speaks a language that you give them. The color, the style, the embroidery and even the shape offers an impression and speaks a language. It can be an artistic piece of cloth used for decorating the room; it can be drapery; it can be a curtain; it can be chair covers; it can be cushion or cushion covers; it can be a place mat made of cloth, wood, or plastic; it can be a simple mat on some surface; it can be a wall hanging; it can bed linen; it can be table linens; it cane rugs; it can be curtains; and it can be a host of other things strewn around the room trying to communicate something to the viewer.


Let us take bed covers for your bed room. In a country as culturally varied as India, you have so many options. The mirror work from Kutch gives an antique vintage look to your bed room. They also add a sense of bohemianism in the design. The geometric arrangements energize the rooms and give a color kaleidoscope. In a homogeneous mass produced urban marketplace ethnic and embroidered furnishings allow you to give a unique identity to the room. The intense contrasting colors and reflective mirrors give a fresh breath of life. You can also choose appliqué bed covers or kantha as they are called indigenously in India. The hand embroidered bed linen is a unique collectible which appropriately compliments your home collection. One can also explore Ajrak hand block printed furnishings for their beds. Ajrak means blue in Arabic and has a close connection to the universe. Ajrak prints can lend a unique identity to the rooms they adorn.

Ajrak is also popular as curtains. Curtains are an excellent way to accentuate a particular room. The natural dyes of Ajrak have coexisted in harmonious balance with nature for ages. It is both subtle and vivid at the same time and gives an environment friendly look to the room. This ancient form of printing is gaining momentum within the cosmopolitan elite and is also being used as pillow covers now. Phulkari, which literally means flower work, is another rural form of hand embroidery which is being increasingly used for cushion covers now. Modern fashion designers are increasingly applying these embroideries to various room furnishing ideas. Another design being widely explored is the Sanganeri block printing. Their delicate patterns and vibrant color designs are a centuries old heritage inspired style which has a unique global appeal. The use of Kalamkari rugs, on the other hand, can add a rustic charm to any room. They are traditional and chic at the same time and can be used as yoga mats.

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