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New trends in Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion today have en evolved meaning. Men are now increasingly dressed for power and confidence. Men’s fashion of today is not dress only. Men’s fashion is now a part of the entire grooming of men, an integral component of their personality. Men are increasingly called for their presentations. Their dress sense and the fashion they take on build on that presentation. Their dress and fashion can either enhance their personality or dilute it. Fashion is such an important dimension now that it is almost identified with a man’s credence. It is known to form an imagery and impression about the man. We often draw conclusions about how effective will a man be from his fashion sense. The overlapping of fashion with a man’s personality has become inherent and inseparable now. That is why men are now experimenting more and more with innovative styles and novel designs. Men’s fashion designers are also increasingly becoming bolder. This innovative and bold approach is generating a whole new range of fashion which is playing with more colors and is not afraid to try fusion approaches by mixing upcoming western styles with traditional ethnic eastern approaches. Designers and male users are constantly on the lookout for fashion that matches their personal style.

Indian men are now experimenting with traditional dresses like Bagru print jackets to enhance their personality. Bagru is a traditional method of printing with natural colors. Special motifs are transferred through block printing to light colored cloths with wooden blocks. Bagru is kind of in a revival or reawakening. As the world is waking up to environmental responsibility and eco-friendliness, this captivating and exotic fashion is getting recognized day by day. Three main natural colors are used in Bagru printing. They are – black, red, and maroon. Nowadays pigment colors like – green, pink, brown, violet, blue, and rust – are also used. Motifs are first carved in wooden blocks which are made by craftsmen. Main patterns carved are – patashi with its tiny floral designs; jhad with its distinctive border lines; and hathi the elephant. Men are trying Bagru printed half jackets, full jackets and even shirts to attain a dapper look. These exquisite trendy collections to their wardrobe not only brings in variety but also gives social responsibility and adds trendy stylishness.

Another avant-garde approach in men’s fashion is the usage of Ikkat style in their wardrobe. In Ikkat fashion style we can mostly find jackets and shirts. In Ikkat, single yarns or double yarns are dyed after tight wrapping is applied in a desired pattern. The bindings may be changed in order to create a new pattern and the yarns dyed again may be with another color. We also sometimes have double Ikkats where both the warp and weft yarns are tied and dyed before being woven into a single textile. The resurgence of traditional way of dressing by men have made this form fusion fashion more contemporary. So we now these traditional jackets being worn with blue western jeans and other westernized fashion items being worn with colorful Indian pagdis (head gears).

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